Maraging 300 / VASCOMAX® 300 Steel - AMS 6514

Maraging 300 / VASCOMAX® 300 is an 18% nickel, cobalt strengthened steel (C-type) with excellent properties, workability and heat treatment characteristics. Maraging is double vacuum melted by VIM (Vacuum Induction Melt) followed by VAR (Vacuum Arc Remelt). Maraging material is supplied in the annealed and descaled condition. The alloy is very tough, relatively soft (RC 30/35), readily machined or formed. Maraging provides a high value for critical parts in aerospace, structural, component and tooling applications.

Maraging / Vascomax 300 Steel Bars
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Service Steel Aerospace has Maraging / VASCOMAX® 300 available in billet, bar, rod, plate, sheet, and customized forgings


MARtensitic - a very hard form of steel crystalline structure.

Subsequent AGING (precipitation hardening - approx 3-6 hours @ 900ºF yields optimum material characteristics)

ADVANTAGES OF Maraging 300 Steel:

Excellent Mechanical Properties

  • high yield and ultimate tensile strengths
  • high toughness, ductility and impact strengths
  • high fatigue strength
  • high compressive strength
  • hardness and wear resistance sufficient for many tooling applications
  • Excellent Workability

  • high resistance to crack propagation
  • readily formed – cold, warm, hot (w/o in process anneals)
  • good weldability w/o preheating or post heating
  • excellent polishability
  • Advantages During Application

  • low coefficient of expansion minimizes heat checking
  • pitting and corrosion resistance superior to common tool steel
  • good repair weldability
  • excellent mechanical properties have led to longer tool life
  • easily reworked and retreated for secondary tool life
  • Common Specifications:

  • AMS 6514
  • AMS 6521
  • MIL-S-46850 - Fracture Toughness Applies
  • Chemical Composition:

    SymbolElementNominal %
    CCarbon0.03 max
    SiSilicon0.10 max
    MnManganese0.10 max

    Physical Properties:

    Density, lb /in3.289
    Modulus of Elasticity27.5 x 10-6 psi
    Average Co of Thermal Expansion5.6 x 10-6 in/in/°F

    Heat Treatment / Aging:

    Maraging alloys are essentially carbon-free, a protective atmosphere is not required during annealing or aging. Material is supplied in the solution annealed condition with a hardness of 30/35 Rc. Typical heat treat time/temperature are listed below. Large cross sections should be aged for longer periods.

    TemperatureTimeResulting Hardness
    900/925 °F6 hrs50/55 Rc

    NOTE: A modified aging cycle is suggested for die casting applications for increased die life. The following thermal treatments have been used to obtain desirable characteristics for die casters. Following the rough machining of the die, anneal at 1500-1525 ºF for 1 hour per inch of thickness is typical. After finish machining, an aging heat treatment of 980-1000 ºF for 6 hours is typical.

    VASCOMAX® is a registered trademark of Allegheny Technologies Incorporated / Allvac.

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