Custom 465® Stainless Steel - AMS 5936 - UNS S46500

Custom 465® is a premium double vacuum melted martensitic Stainless Steel manufactured by Carpenter Technology Corporation. This material is an excellent combination of strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance. It possesses high strength and toughness, has relative ease of fabrication, and provides reliable, long-term service in corrosive environments. The typical strength of this alloy can be as high as 1758 MPa (255 ksi), combined with fracture toughness of about 88-99 MPa-square-root-meter (80-90 ksi-square-root inch) and corrosion resistance approaching that of Type 304 stainless.

Custom 465 Round Bar
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Custom 465 stainless can be considered as a corrosion resistant replacement for 300M, AISI 4340, and similar types of steels that must be plated or otherwise surface coated to provide corrosion resistance. This grade features improved tensile strength, fracture toughness and improved fabricability and excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

Custom 465 stainless steel is typically used in the following applications:

  • Aerospace: Landing gear, flap tracks, engine mounts, slat tracks, and actuators
  • Medical: Surgical and dental instruments, needle wire
  • Oil & Gas: Drive shafts, downhole drilling tools
  • Firearms: Revolver cylinders
  • Marine: Propulsion shafts
  • Hand Tools: Hex keys, screwdrivers

Common Trade Names:

  • Custom 465 (® Carpenter Technology Corporation)
  • Alloy 465
  • C465
  • 465 Stainless

Common Specifications:

  • AMS 5936 REV D
  • AMS 2300 REV M
  • AMS 2241 REV T
  • ASTM F899 for sizes 3" Diameter and below
  • ASTM A564/A5645M - 19A
  • BMS 7-364 CL A REV A
  • BSS 7025 (7/12/94)
  • BSS 705 REV B
  • SAFRAN MTL-1304

Stocked Sizes:

  • Rounds: 24 diameters 0.500" through 8"
  • Flats: Special sizes can be ordered as required by customers

Custom 465 Stainless Steel can be cold and hot worked with the following treatments:

  • Hot working: Solution anneal before hardening, then heat to 1850-2000° F (1010-1093° C) and air cool
  • Cold working: Alloy 465 can be readily cold formed by drawing or rolling


Best machinability is in the overaged H1150M condition, but can also be done in the Solution Annealed condition.

Physical Properties:

Cond H900 7.820.2815
Cond 950 7.830.2819
Cond H1000 7.840.2822
Cond H1050 7.860.2830
Cond H1100 7.860.2830
Annealed 7.810.2812

Heat Treatment:

This Material is normally supplied in Condition A (Solution Annealed)

  • Heat to 1800° F ± 15° F (982° C ± 8° C), then hold at that temperature for 1 hour. Cool rapidly by quenching for parts under 12", or air cool swiftly for parts over 12"
  • Refrigerate to -100° F (-73° C) and hold for eight hours, followed by warming to room temperature
  • This should within a 24-hour period
  • Please note that this process should be done in a 24-hour timeframe after solution annealing

Achieving high strength levels of Custom 465 requires an additional age hardening step by heating to 900 to 1150°, hold 4 to 8 hours, air cool for sizes under 3”, quenching for sizes over 3”.

Mechanical Properties:

ConditionOrientationTensile Yield 0.2% offsetElongation 2" or 4D Reduction of Area
H950Longitudinal240 ksi220 ksi10%45% ksi
H950Transverse240 ksi220 ksi8%35% ksi
H1000Longitudinal220 ksi200 ksi10%50% ksi
H1000Transverse220 ksi200 ksi10%40% ksi

Chemical Composition:

SymbolElementMin %Max %

Custom 465 is a registered trademark of Carpenter Technology Corporation.

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